Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery

We design handmade wedding invitations and stationery especially to suit your theme and colour scheme. Stationery options are:

Wedding invitations    

We create wedding invitation designs and wording options for your wedding invitations.
Our creativity includes handmade wedding invitations, traditional wedding invitations, elegant wedding invitations and email wedding invitations. A map to your venue will be included.
And we can also mail the invitations on your behalf and manage the RSVP’s from your guests. You will also receive a free sample of your wedding invitation once you place the order.

We can also prepare email Save the Date invitations and send them to your guests. This is just to ensure that your guests remember to diarise your wedding date.

500px Black White invitation2 500px Film Reel invitation3 500px Silver invitations

500px Vintage Pink Lilac Invitations4 500px White Black Red Card Invitations with Diamante Heart 500 pxAqua design invitations3

Black White Invitations2 Cream Pink Yellow Invitations Lavernes Invitations 500px Baby Shower Invitation

Save the Date Invitations

We design Save the Date Invitations in either print form or email. The Email Save the Date Invitations are becoming increasingly popular because you can email it to your guest list quickly and it is more cost effective. Keep an eye on our special offers, on occasion, we offer a Free Email Save the Date Invitation design with large wedding invitation orders.

Save the date email copy

Order of Service

We design an Order of Service for your wedding day and/or wedding ceremony. We’ll provide you with wording options which can include the format of the day as well as hymns or songs that are to be sung.

Name cards     

We create name cards for your guests seating arrangements at the reception. Name cards can take any form or shape such as paper, card and gift boxes.

500px Carien Stationery

Seating plan 

We’ll create the seating plan for your reception. You can let your imagination run free with the seating plan. It can be a large card, a poster, a mini version of your reception layout or an array of ornaments.

500px Carien Seating Plan


We design a menu detailing your chosen meals for the reception. The size and colour will be incorporated into your theme and wedding invitation stationery.

Thank You cards   

We design Thank You cards with wording options which you can place on tables at the reception or mail after the wedding. Thank you cards are a lovely gesture to your guests.

Gift boxes

We create gift boxes in various sizes and colours to hold your wedding favours or souvenirs. Gift boxes can take any shape, round, heart, square and pyramid. It’s all up to you. 

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